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What Dating Sites Work?

As with many other such broad questions there really is more than one way to answer this question. Of course on a fundamental level we want to be using dating web sites that function correctly and provide good tools and user experience. Ultimately, regardless of how the site looks or how it presents information, our key concern is whether or not it can put us in touch with people of interest. Providing us with contacts, people and introductions that appeal to us has to be the defining means by which we judge whether a site works or not – right?

Whilst most dating web sites exist simply to make an introduction and get people communicating, there are others, which adopt a seemingly more sophisticated approach. With some mathematical wizardry some dating sites are able to consider and match singles by their profiles, hobbies/interests. Such as income levels or life aspirations are part of the characteristics we can set against our profiles online. Some sites do this better than others and sadly it is often the case that we have to pay for the privilege of this clever wizardry and matchmaking genius ;(

Let’s face it, first impressions count in life and it has to be said that this also applies online. Whilst we could engross ourselves in the splendour of matchmaking algorithms, many of us will most likely rely upon a first glance at a user’s profile picture to make our minds up.

So…to best answer the question we need to look at dating sites, which do a fundamentally good functional job and provide the following.

– A high volume of members in your search radius. – An intuitive and well-presented user interface/design. – A good reputation (possibly backed by reviews). – Fast search and navigation around the site. – A comprehensive profiling system (pictures, descriptions, characteristics).

Beyond this we are relying on our own ability to attract the opposite sex, and let’s not forget that it is an individuals responsibility not to blow it with a bad chat up line!

Fantastic web site or not, if you don’t have a good, interesting and catchy profile picture and description then no site is going to provide a miracle. Do everything that is in your own power and choose a reputable, established dating site with plenty of members in your search area.

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