What are the best dating sites?

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A more appropriate question for 2012 may be  ‘What are the best dating web sites for me?’  To answer this question you need to decide what exactly you are looking for.  In recent times and with the rise of social networking and Internet based communications, online dating is far less the taboo subject.  With increasing numbers joining in the online hunt for Mr or Mrs Right, this has truly presented itself as a valuable and prevalent market place for business.

Think about the quality in the search results…

Taking the time to scroll through a few pages of your Google search for the best dating web site, you will doubtlessly find hundreds of options.  Generally speaking, the more established and credible the dating site, the near to the top of the organic search results it will be.  This is simply because search rankings and merit are awarded to companies already drawing in large volumes of repeat traffic that also have vast networks of members.

Be prepared to check out a few options

So… as you start your search for the best dating site for you, just remember that if you are looking for a site that already has loads of members near you, you need to look for the top 10-20 sites in your Google search. Bare in mind that not all of the search results are going to be amazingly high quality. And be prepared to visit up to a dozen sites before you decide which one(s) to join.

Consider costs and hidden costs!

Whilst there are a few decent free dating web sites out there, it may gradually become apparent that to get the best service, even the free sites are offering upgrades and extras.  In fact, many of the dating web sites that charge a healthy sign-up fee are also charging for extra services.  Typically you will find yourself paying extra to ‘be seen’ more prominently to your matches or simply to have the system tell you more accurately who your best matches are.  Much as this is an annoyance when you have probably already paid a reasonable subscription fee to have to build on your outlay,  you will rarely find any of major dating brands that don’t exploit this option.

Think about customer services and support.

Have you ever joined a dating web site and had to request customer support via email or by phone?  Some of the web sites don’t make it easy for you to cancel your subscription once it has started.  If you are not careful you will end up paying for months of service which you don’t really want anymore.  Always be sure to read the terms of service and whenever possible, especially if you are paying for a service, check to see if the operating company has telephone support/customer services.

What is the best type of dating site for you?

The market place for dating web sites is somewhat saturated… perhaps you need to consider targeting the right kind of people more accurately by using the right type of dating site for you.  Have you looked into sites that cater specifically for your age range? Maybe there are web sites available that offer dating for people with your interests and hobbies?

Everyone is looking to get something different from their partner or prospective partners that they find on a dating web site.  Have you considered the nature and characteristics of the clientele?  Is the best site for you one, which is specifically aimed towards adults or people looking for casual dating?  This is the sort of question you should definitely be asking yourself.  Albeit there are plenty of sites out there with enough members to cater for the majority of tastes and preferences, ultimately, would it not be better to really target your niche preferences from the outset?

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